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Welcome to Compost Bowling Green

Warren County's first and only organics recycling service

Residential and commercial food scrap collection & composting service. Diverting food scraps from landfills while creating healthy soils.

Collection Services

Compost Bowling Green offers different services to meet your specific needs.



Residential Collection

Do you want your home to have a lower environmental impact? Consider our weekly or biweekly residential food scrap bucket swap. All food scraps are composted and you are provided a clean collection bucket.


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Business Collection

Restaurants, offices, non-profits, factories and more. Really any business that produces food scraps. We will work with you to create a plan that meets your needs.


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Drop-Off Site

We are setting up drop-off sites around Warren County to broaden our impact. These sites will allow you to drop off your food scraps at central locations.

What Can I Compost?

Coffee grounds and filters, teabags, egg, eggshells, meat, bones, seafood, fruits, veggies, all dairy, pasta, grains, bread, cookies, cake, nuts, seeds, shells, cooking oil and grease, household wood products, paper towels, napkins, plates, cartons, bags, newspaper, ash, cotton balls, corks, pet food, pet waste, hair, fur and feathers, herbs, house plants and flowers, juice, liquor, soda, processed foods, compostable ware and more.

Compost Bowling Green Q & A

Can Compost BG collect food scraps from any residence?

Yes. Customers can compost whether they live in a house or an apartment. As long as you can leave a bucket by your curb or front door then you can compost.

A counter top bucket bin can be provided for an added fee.

How much food scraps does the average home produce?

This really depends on the home. We estimate that the average home will produce around 3 gallons per week. However, we encourage you to fill the bucket full.

A second bucket can be provided for an added fee.

Can I compost paper products?

Yes. This includes cotton balls, paper towels, egg cartons, and butcher paper. Certain papers such as magazines, newspapers with non-soy ink, and slick papers will not be accepted.

We encourage you to rip all paper a couple times before throwing it in your bucket.

Where should I leave my bucket?

Curb side is best. However, we understand that this may not work for all customers.

We can discuss as needed.

How will I pay?

Residents will pay through a PayPal auto-draft. Businesses will be invoiced monthly.

Is there a referral program?

Yes. Each referral that becomes a customer for one year gets you one month of service at no cost.

Why Should You Compost?

Personal Benefits

Reduce the number of times you take out your trash.
Limit the unpleasant odors from your household waste.
Grow a healthy and bountiful garden after applying the compost.
Order farm products at no extra delivery cost.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions.

Extend the life of the landfills.

Food scraps make up 24% of landfill waste (EPA).

Economic Benefits

Support locally sourced workforce that is committed to hiring.
Up-cycle your waste via composting your food scraps.
Conserve resources by reducing dependence on synthetic fertilizers.

Ethical Benefits

Donate to community gardens.
Help create a food to waste to food cycle.
Engage with a new industry.

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