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Commercial Food Scrap Pick-up Service

This service is for restaurants, cafes, offices, retail, healthcare and educational facilities. We will work with you to reduce your environmental footprint and landfill contribution by diverting food waste to a composting facility.

Image by Dan Gold

Commercial Customers

Provide your information and we will reach out to you to discuss details.

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Here is how the process works:

Information Gathering

This is where you will fill out our form below, then we will reach out so we can better understand your operation and you can better understand ours. We will ask about staff and customers, as well as types of compostables

Waste Audit

We provide one week of service at no cost so that we can determine the volume of waste. This period will provide you with an opportunity to better understand the service. We will be available to discuss waste with staff.

Report and Price

Once the waste audit has come to a close, we provide you with a report. This includes environmental impact, as well as outlines the number and size of containers on site to best capture waste. This will be paired with a service schedule and work plan so we can hit the ground running.

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