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Compost Tea Application

Service available starting March 2024

Compost Bowling Green can now help to increase the health of your lawn, plants and garden through the application of compost tea. Compost tea is a biologically active liquid that is known to increase health and fight pest and disease. Made by soaking compost in an aerated water bath, this liquid can be drenched on roots or sprayed on foliage.

Our service area includes any home or business inside of Warren County,

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Learn More About Compost Tea

This Tea is Alive and Should be Applied Fresh

Compost tea contains alive microorganisms. These microorganisms are produced in the compost pile, reproducing and flourishing in aerated compost tea brew tank. For best results, the time between the final brew and application should be minimized.

When to Apply Compost Tea

Compost tea can be applied to your root system or directly to plant foliage. Spring and Fall are great times to schedule an application. In the spring your vegetation will leave dormancy and the microbes in the tea will come to life.

Types of Applications

Their are two primaries way in which compost tea can be of benefit - root drench and foliage spray.

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