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Thank you for Subscribing!

Please wait for an email from Also, read below for what to expect next.

Subscribe and Billing

After subscribing through the website, wait for an email through which you will start your subscription payment. Choose from either a monthly payment of 25$ for biweekly pickup or 30$ for weekly pickup.

A 20$ set up fee will be charged that includes two food scrap buckets and two easy peel tops.

Billing is automatic once per month through PayPal.

Bucket Delivery and First Collection

Expect your bucket on the Monday following your first payment.

The first collection will take place the week following bucket delivery for weekly subscribers and two weeks following bucket delivery for biweekly subscribers. All subsequent collections will take place on Mondays.

Weekly Food Scrap Collection

Buckets should be left within sight of the collection vehicle. This will likely be the front porch, driveway or curb.

Collection will start as early as 6am every Monday. Buckets should be put out the night before to ensure collection.

Canceling Service

Your subscription can be canceled at any time through PayPal or by emailing


Our primary form of communication will be email. Please make sure does not go to your spam folder.

What to Compost

Coffee grounds and filters, teabags, egg, eggshells, meat, bones, seafood, fruits, veggies, all dairy, pasta, grains, bread, cookies, cake, nuts, seeds, shells, cooking oil and grease, household wood products, paper towels, napkins, plates, cartons, bags, newspaper, ash, cotton balls, corks, pet food, pet waste, hair, fur and feathers, herbs, house plants and flowers, juice, liquor, soda, processed foods, compostable ware and more.

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